This summer the Sleepytot Baby Comforters have been well travelled

Sleepytot baby comforterSummer is nearing its end and we have had a good one. A lot of you will have had newborns to welcome in to the world, a lot of you have gone on your first family holiday and a lot of us have gone to relax in firm family favourites. We asked if your little ones have been taking their Sleepytot baby comforters with them on their holidays. It turns out they have and our Sleepytot baby comforter is one well travelled bunny.

Where have they been?

It seems you have all been busy this summer and lots of you have let us know where the bunny has been. Your little ones have been taking the Sleepytot Baby comforter to Ibiza, Centre Parks, Northumberland, Edinburgh, Australia, Fiji, south Wales and even Peppa Pig World.

As good as it is seeing the Sleepytop bunny making it on your holidays we have been reported some occasional bad news.

Some have been getting lost

Yes it seems that as much your little ones love their Sleepytot baby comforter’s, just like anything, they can go missing in action. We have heard that Katy Rhodes-Roberts took theirs to Edinburgh and it didn’t make the trip home. In this particular case it seems like their child was lucky and the bunny made it back home safely in the post.

Unfortunately not everyone is this lucky and Hayley Gallant’s little girl lost hers, as well as Carly Tilson 6th of 6 Sleepytot comforters. We are sure plenty more of you will have lost one too.

Avoid the trouble of waiting for a new one to arrive and have a spare

Our Sleepytot Baby comforter is durable, long lasting and good quality and we are more than confident in the bunny lasting a long time. However as we have seen they can get lost and sometimes the poor bunnies are victim to more than just wear and tear. It is for these reasons we always advise parents to get more than one bunny and avoid the hassle and distress for the little ones in waiting for their new bunny to arrive.