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Juliet1Do you have a question about your little one’s sleep?

Well you are in the right place, ask your question here and it will be answered by Juliet Newson, a sleep consultant from the Millpond International Child Sleep Clinic.

Juliet has 3 young children and she is a baby and child sleep consultant for the Millpond Child Sleep Clinic. She is also our sleep advisor here in our Q & A section.

Lucky us because Juliet is a registered nurse, health visitor and infant massage instructor with 17 years experience in NHS and private healthcare settings.

She has worked in various clinical settings in the UK and internationally in Kathmandu, Nepal. She has followed her particular interests in infant nutrition, parenting programmes and behaviour management for younger children. Juliet’s strength is in understanding and empathising with the pressures that sleep problems can bring to bear on parents and children.

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