Struggling with Colic – 9 week old baby

Dear Juliet,

We are at a loss at the moment what to do with our 9 week old boy in the evenings. He is our 2nd baby and we had a very good routine with our first boy, starting from birth but we now have a very colicky baby so are finding that a bedtime routine is just a waste of time because he is so unsettled in the evenings and the only way we can settle him is to walk around for hours, cluster feed him and then rock him to sleep in the pushchair. He settles anytime between 9 and 11pm.

We have been told by friends and relatives that this phase will pass but in the meantime should we still do the bedtime routine even though we end up bringing him back downstairs?

We really don’t want to start any bad habits but our first was not colicky so we don’t really know how to deal with this and are just doing all we can at the moment to settle him as it is very stressful and hard for all of us.

Should we forget the routine at the moment until the colic passes and then try again?  Is there anything we can do to help him?


Really looking forward to your advice.

Many thanks, Kerry and Alistair Ridgeway.



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One answer to “Struggling with Colic – 9 week old baby

  1. Hello Kerry and Alistair,

    Thanks for your post.

    It is tricky when babies are so unsettled with tummy issues to establish a bedtime routine. Rather than up and down the stairs all evening what you could do is aim for the bedtime routine to be late as he is settling late. So if you aim for him to be asleep by 11pm turn lights off and settle 15 minutes before this at 10.45pm and start the bedtime routine 20-30 mins before light of ie. 10.15pm/10.25pm – this should include a short warm bath and maybe a massage and cuddles. Aim for the last feed to be before the bath at around 10pm as this will help with any digestive issues.

    Initially you will need to help him to sleep such as cuddling but this is quite normal and over time you will find that he will require less help and you may be able to settle in the cot with patting, light touch etc.

    He is still very young and the other thing you can do is use white noise and help to distinguish night from day- keep any night wakings dark and quiet with minimal interaction. Hopefully by the time you get to 3 months he will be a bit more settled. At this age babies are very receptive to cues and you can start to bring the bedtime routine and sleeptime earlier but for now 11pm is a good starting point.

    Hope that helps.
    Kind Regards

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