Newborn baby wont settle in Moses Basket.


Baby has decided that he does not like his Moses basket or being put down to sleep anywhere. He is only currently sleeping on me and my husband which means shifts during the night and we’re both exhausted. My husband rang a helpline and they reassured him it was normal and baby is just adjusting to the outside world. I think we’re both worried that we’re making a rod for our own back which will be hard to undo later! He’s only a week old tomorrow so not sure if we just need to give it time?? But then I keep thinking should we be ‘training’ him in some way to use the moses basket as my husband will soon go back to work and won’t be able to help as much. Any tips or similar experiences would be fab! I’m not keen on the idea of co-sleeping and have also tried a cot which attached to the side of the bed which he also seemed to dislike and never settle in. He is also very windy and we think that this maybe stopping him from settling in his Moses basket – potentially something to do with being on his back? We spend a lot of time winding him but there’s always more!



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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for your message and congratulations on your new baby.
    Your baby is extremely young and there may be numerous reasons why he does not like sleeping on his back and you may well find that he settles over the next few weeks – he may well still be recovering from the birth!
    The most important thing to do at this stage is to help him distinguish night from day by keeping the night quiet with no interaction and then in the day involving him in the hustle and bustle of the day. At this age he will probably only be awake for around an hour at a time so what you could do is observe for sleep cues – staring into space, going quiet, back arching, yawning etc and then placing him in the Moses basket when he is awake but drowsy and soothe to sleep with stroking or patting. Try this in the day and then it should be easier at night.
    It could also be trapped wind that is causing discomfort when lying on the back so do make sure you wind him after a feed- have a look at your diet if you are breast feeding to see what is making him windy – and also try an bit of massage in-between feeds – maybe when doing a nappy change.

    The other thing you could do is elevate the Moses basket slightly by rolling up a small towel under the mattress so he is not lying completely flat – but do always place him on his back for sleep.

    Hope that helps give a few ideas and that things improve soon.

    Kind Regards


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