Baby sleep issues

Hi Julie


I am somewhat in need of your expertise help!


I have a 9 month old baby who tends to have a unsettled sleep pattern and I think I may be aiding it.


Generally the day consists of her getting up very early in the morning 5/6 am, at this point to me she is fighting to go back to sleep, so she doesn’t,  Often enough she will have done a poo in her nappy when I get her out of her cot.


Then she will have her milk at 7am followed by breakfast 8am and then she will have her first nap at around 9.30am.


Once she wakes up she will have her lunch at 12 pm and then she will have her next feed at 1.30pm 6oz and long nap until 3.30pm.

Dinner will be served at 4.30pm and then her bath time 6.10 and bottle 7oz at 6.30pm.


I read you saying bring the timings forward for a fortnight and then move the times forward by 10-15 mins to get her to sleep at least 11.5 hours?


How will I know when she is ready for this?



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  1. Hello everyone, I’m a new parent and I am desperately to get my four month daughter to sleep longer during night. Currently I am lucky to have four hours rest per night. Regards

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your e-mail. Early rising is a very hard issue to tackle as the sleep drive is so low at this part of the night. It could well be that your babies body clock is very set and at this point in time she is a ‘lark’. In order to ensure she is getting enough sleep then keep the bedtime earlier at 7pm and try and aim for 11 hours ie. not to get her up before 6am even if she wakes up. This may be as good as you are going to get at this stage however as the nap requirements decrease in the day and your baby is able to sleep more in the night you may find she is able to go for 11.5 hours at night.

    Teething can disrupt teeth – as can any pain/discomfort/ do offer pain relief to ensure she is comfortable and able to sleep.

    As I mentioned before do ensure the naps are well spaced and if you find she is wanting to nap well before she is due then just offer a 10 minute power nap.

    Hope that is helpful.

    best wishes


  3. Hi Bali,

    Thanks for your post. You have a great routine and I have noted just a few small ideas below to help you with your baby.

    At 9 months the average sleep is 14 hrs roughly split into 11 1/2 at night and 2 1/2 in the day – this is a guide as obviously some babies need more sleep and some less.

    As a general rule most babies will only need 2 evenly spaced naps at this age as your baby is doing . Your first nap at 9.30am you could move to nearer 10am and only allow 45 minutes , then the second nap could be 1.30pm as you are doing and this should aim to be a longer nap of at least 2 sleep cycles ie. 1.5 hrs. Ensure your baby is awake by 3pm so as not affect bedtime settling.

    I would then try and offer the milk on waking from this nap at 3pm rather than 1.30pm which is quite close to lunch. This should then enable you to offer tea slightly later at 5pm – one of the reasons she wakes early could be hunger. Ensure she has carbohydrates and protein in her diet and she can now eat normal family foods and ideally 3 meals a day plus milk and snacks.

    Initially aim for a 7pm sleep time so milk, then bath and into bed by 6.45pm – we always recommend putting babies to sleep 15 minutes before you want them asleep. Aim for an 11 hr night so not to get her up before 6am. Try this for 2 weeks along with blackout blinds and white noise. If she is still waking at 5am then you are right bring bedtime forward by 15 mins until she is achieving 11 hrs. Then once this is achieved slowly moved bedtime and morning get up time later in 15 min chunks weekly.

    Hope that helps and let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


    • Hi Juliet

      We have followed the instructions provided, however after the process of getting her down earlier for two weeks worked, but we are at the point of moving her time slightly forward and unfortunately she is still getting up at 5/6 am.

      I really am confused and struggling with this, at the same time she is teething, can this disrupt her sleep?

      Please can you help me.

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