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QnA with Sleepytot home of the babu comforter


New year, new look! We have been extra busy lately working on some exciting new stuff!

Sleepytot is getting a makeover and we are super excited that we will have a fresh new logo and website very soon.

Our beloved sleepytot comforter has been around for 12 years now (I know, we can’t quite believe it either!) and during this time we have made various tweaks and small changes to the website, plus of course adding pink and blue bunnies and our snuggly Sleepytot lamb to the range but we decided that 2018 was the year to make a big change and create a fresh new look.

So, we have coming a lovely new logo, new packaging and new website, which we are delighted with, but most importantly, we have new VELCRO!  We spent a lot of time on product development throughout 2017 looking for the perfect balance between safety and longevity.

We all know that Velcro doesn’t last forever but we were finding the baby soft Velcro just wasn’t up to the job, but of course having a non-abrasive, baby safe Velcro is of upmost importance to us. So, after testing A LOT of Velcro combinations we have found the perfect combination. Not only is it still baby safe and non-abrasive but it is also stronger and longer lasting than any of the previous types of Velcro that we have used.  As you can imagine, we are pretty chuffed with this as it means that not only will Sleepytot hold on nice and tight to those dummies all night long, he will continue to do so for a very long time! Yay!!

We can’t wait for you to see what we have been working on, the new site should be live in the first week of February so keep an eye on it as there are going to be some great offers to celebrate! x

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