What colour Sleepytot would you like to see?

Sleepytot baby comforter Sleepytot baby comforter Sleepytot baby comforterWhich is your favourite colour bunny? We have plans to expand our range of Sleepytot colours available. What would you like to see?


In case you don’t already know all about our award winning baby comforter here is a little bit;

  • It is a perfect pillow for your little ones to rest their heads
  • It has velcrow paws to hold on to things such as soothers
  • It can cling on to buggies and cots
  • Stops small items getting lost by holding on to them

We now have the bunny available in Cream, Grey, Pink and blue and the lamb is currently available in cream.

Have you seen our Sleepytot book?  We love this little story for when the time comes to give up the dummy. It is a little rhyming story designed to help your baby give up the dummy but remind them that they still get to keep their best friend, Sleepytot bunny!

Do please let us know what colours, or even new characters you would like to see added to the range. We always like to have something to be working on!