All the Sleepytot Baby Comforter Bunnies are in stock now

Sleepytot Baby Comforter Blue LargeWe have good news for anyone who is a fan of our Sleepytot Baby comforters. You may be aware that in recent times we haven’t always had our full range of baby comforters in stock, but the good news is that now we do!

That’s right, after being out of stock of some bunnies we now have our full range of Sleepytot Baby comforters bunnies fully available to purchase through our online store.

That includes the small bunnies in grey and cream, large bunnies in grey and cream and our two new colours blue and pink.

We are very proud of our Sleepytot baby comforter bunnies and having the full range in stock makes us happy. For those of you who aren’t familiar with our award winning bunnies they are great comforters that helps your baby or toddler settle at night.

The bunnies will help your little one by acting as a perfect pillow for them, holding on to their dummy or soothers with its Velcro paws and hold on to cot bars so it doesn’t go missing in the night.

Don’t forget if you use the promotional code 2comfort you receive an extra 10% discount when you buy 2 or more comforters.